We are an authorized dealer of Adidas and have been working with Adidas Group for more than 5 years to provide the best choice for various activities, including
running and trainingare , we listed some new products continually on our website,As we take the shoes from original factory and sell online, so our price can be a
little lower than the markets, we like to share this benefit with our customers. We hope with this small profits business to do long-term business with our customers.
We have built a steady relationship of trust with every customer, because our customers arehe top priority of our business. We look forward to working with you,
Let's create a great future together

PCI (Payment Card Industry) is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card brands. PCI DSS (Payment

Card Industry Data Security Standard) has a rigorous certification process, review entry of nearly 200 items, involving 6 areas, 12 control objectives, three stages including self

security detection, vulnerability analysis and the security investication performed by the association, which is a completely security review of online payment system. Skipsneaker

 has been passed thecertification of PCI that guarantee safe online shopping experience.